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 From the apple to the cider... 

We are using different kinds of apples, coming from norman orchards and harvested from middle September to middle November on an area covering more than 150 hectares. Our cider is made of the skilful mixture of four flavours:

  • Sweet apples
  • Bittersweet apples
  • Bitter apples
  • Slightly acid apples.

We have signed with our producers a quality agreement which makes us sure to use only matured and healthy apples.

 The quality 


An incomparable flavour:

  • Tonic
  • Fruity
  • A taste enhancing the different country flavours.

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 Production of the cider

The different steps of the cider's production are the following ones:

 After being selected, cleaned and grinded, the apples are sent on the cider press (pressing). The juice which is obtained is then stored during 24 hours. After this time, the floating particules and the germs are forming a gel covering wich is eliminated.The juice is then stored in vats for a natural fermentation, which is slowed by centrifugation in order to remove a part of the yeasts. By this way, the cider will slowly and optimally mature.
This fermentation furthers the development of the flavours which give the cider its typical type and taste before being bottled.

 During the steps of the manufacturing, there is no adding of carbon dioxide (CO2): the sparkling of our cider is is obtained through a natural fermentation, first in vats and then in bottle.

 Our production is made of 2 types of ciders :

  • The table cider,"caped-on ", stored in one litre bottles, sparkling and dry (5°).
  • The "fine bottled" cider, stored in 75 centilitres bottles, more sparkling, dry and slightly more alcoholic (5,5°).

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 A performing equipment

  • 800 qm fruits silos
  • 2 cider presses
  • 1 flotation system
  • 1 clarification system
  • 1 filter
  • 1 cooling system
  • 30 000 hectoliters of tanks
  • 1 bottling line
  • 2000 qm storage from which 300 air conditioned qm.
  • 1 integrated laboratory.
  • 1 computer system allowing the complete marking out of the production.
  • Production capacity: 3,5 millions of bottles per year.

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